Dr. Seuss: Is it Real Doctorate or an Honorary Degree in Word-Smithing?
- February 08, 2017
Dearest Children at Heart and those with Hearts of Children,

It is so easy to look back to childhood and forgot that we, as uninitiated youth shoehorned onto an ebola harboring grade school carpet, simply accepted the supposed academic credentials of our beloved Dr. Seuss.  So salaciously enamored with his oeuvre we were that mainstay caution and vetting was completely abandoned.  And, unabated, we drank from the ambrosial cup of PhD (or MD?) Seuss's intoxicating word dances.

Thank the heavens we didn't look more into Seuss's contribution to the academic community; if we was this frickin' good at writing children's books I don't want to know what his String Theory publications might look like.

In this, we honor the works of Dr. Seuss.  We selectively released a collection of his books into the wild, hunted them down, brutally masticated their pages, and then strategically taxidermied the covers so they could be mounted onto our Dr. Seuss Custom T Shirts.

Forever shall this cat be the cat we wish all other cats could cat like.  Check out all of our fun, nostalgia howitzering Dr. Seuss Custom T Shirts.